MLB is back! 26 teams of stripes!

4 Apr

Red and blue stripes for sox, navy and white for Yanksred-and-blue-stripes-for-the-red-soxBaseball-stripes-for-women-kids-babies

With MLB opening day this Thurs, April 5, and opening night TONIGHT, Wed, April 4, with the reigning champ St. Louis Cardinals at the new Miami Marlins field, and April 20 fast approaching to mark the 100th anniversary of Fenway Park, we have baseball fever over here at “stripedshirt world headquarters.”

And what an exciting season for us. Of the 30 teams in the AL and NL, stripedshirt has colors for 26 of em! (and it is very likely we’ll never have all the colors for the new Miami Marlins – orange, blue and yellow? Yuck!)

As you know, baseball is a longggg season, so order up your Ts now to cheer on your favorite baseball team (which better be the Red Sox!)

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American League
Baltimore Orioles – dark orange and white
Boston Red Sox – red and blue
Chicago White Sox – black and gray
Cleveland Indians – red and blue
Detroit Tigers – navy and white
Kansas City Royals – royal and white
LA Angels – red and blue
Minnesota Twins – red and blue
NY Yankees – navy and white
Oakland As – green and white
Seattle Mariners – navy and white (no teal yet)
Tampa Bay Rays – navy and white (no light blue yet)
Texas Rangers – red and blue
Toronto Blue Jays – red and blue

National League
Arizona Diamondbacks – red and black
Atlanta Braves – red and blue
Chicago Cubs – royal and white
Cincinnati Reds – red and white
Colorado Rockies – purple and white
Houston Astros – cranberry and gray
LA Dodgers – royal and white
Miami Marlins – orange, blue and yellow?? Not seeing those stripes in our future
Milwaukee Brewers – navy and white
NY Mets – blue and orange
Philadelphia Phillies – red and white
Pittsburgh Pirates – black and gray (don’t have black and gold)
San Diego Padres – navy and white
San Francisco Giants – dark orange and white
St Louis Cardinals – red and white
Washington Nationals – red and blue

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