Introducing stripedshirt 2.0! Stripe Up for Back to School!

1 Aug

New website for stripedshirt.comWell, in less than 2 years, I’ve had to completely redo my stripedshirt website. Ouch. A painful, long, expensive process where I’ve learned a lot.
• First, hire someone good, who really knows what they are doing and cares about you.
• Second, upgrade along the way and pay attention to the program you are using – Magento gave me fair warning!
• Third, always expect things to take more time and money than you first assumed.
• Finally, realize its never going to be perfect and celebrate improvements along the way!

And so, today, I introduce you to stripedshirt 2.0 – the new and improved website! It’s (hopefully), more polished, more professional, easier to navigate and quicker to shop and check out – performance improvement was the most key to this upgrade. I hope you like the new site, and welcome feedback, though asking you to be kind as just getting it to this was an enormous effort!

We also put out a press release today, on the new site, and its perfect timing, around Back to School, Fall and Football. Remember, stripedshirt lets you show your colors, for your school (whether college, high school, middle or elementary) and team in fun fashionable ways. With our 15 color combinations, we got you covered (colored!) for more than 50 top colleges, 20 NFL teams, and 26 of the 30 MLB teams! Stripe Up for Back to School now!

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