15 Signs I’m Closer to 50 than to 25

28 Sep

I’m in my car driving to a meeting Friday and NPR was on, like it has been since the day of the Boston Marathon bombing.  It may have taken me until I was 42 to get on board, but I’m addicted.  I love NPR.  Both calming and informing.

Yet it hit me, holy cow, listening to NPR?  Another sign I’m closer to 50 than to 25.  And it prompted me - at 9 pm on a Saturday night, home on the couch watching season 2 of Homeland – to put together My List of 15 Signs I’m Closer to 50 than to 25:

  • I listen to NPR in the car.
  • I think any time after 8 am is totally sleeping in.
  • I think any time after midnight is totally staying up late.
  • I can only handle going to bars with seats, and food.
  • I will talk with people about the weather and be concerned about what the lack of rain is doing to my yard and flower beds.
  • I have a yard and flower beds.
  • I think about my scarf, hat and boots more in terms of staying warm than looking cute.
  • I keep my schedule on a physical calendar, not my smart phone or Google calendar.
  • I go outside my house in my pajamas, for longer than running to pick up the newspaper.
  • I subscribe to the newspaper.
  • My husband and I will have a night free of our kids, go to dinner and still be home before 9 pm.
  • A lot of times, in that restaurant, I feel it’s too loud.
  • And if I have even 3 drinks in a rare night out, I feel it the next morning.  3 drinks.  Geez, a far cry from my BC days.
  • I look at the 25 year olds out and am so happy I grew up when the Nirvana and Pearl Jam look was cool, not these micro mini dresses and stilettos.
  • I hope and pray that grunge look comes back into vogue by the time my daughters are going out.  Or that somehow dressing Amish becomes very cool.

What about you my fellow 40-somethings?  Have you also left your 20 year old self far behind?  What are your signs?

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