Three Years of Stripes: Learnings and a stripedshirt Sale

24 Nov

garnet and gold stripes for FSU This week marks the official 3 year anniversary of stripedshirt (3 years since we started selling shirts).  What a wild ride!  Learning so many brand new things, about the apparel and fashion business, and etail and building ecommerce websites.  Going from concept to actual shirts in 6 months was a blur!  Lightening fast, so much learned and done from design to pattern and sample making, grading, sourcing, color testing, thread count, fabric manufacturing, shirt production ….. all in the blink of an eye in the fashion world.

The 3 years since has been a bit of a slow trudge of selling shirts and putting blood, sweat and tears into trying to get stripedshirt into the mainstream.  I still love and believe in the business, but boy, “if you build it, they will not necessarily come!”

You gotta work hard to build your brand, and turn awareness and interest, into sales.   And you need a lot of good timing and luck.  The fashion business is hard.  And fickle.  And expensive.  Even great response and interest and feedback, including beautiful photo spreads styling stripedshirts by prominent fashion and lifestyle bloggers, only gets you great search results in Google and a nice fan base on Twitter.

And after doing PR for countless brands and companies in my 20+ years in the PR business, I now also know personally what I’ve counseled many on:  PR does not translate directly into sales.  It is air cover for sales, it creates awareness that makes the selling process easier and faster.  But you still gotta sell, sell, sell!

After 3 years of hustling, I also believe in apparel, its not just selling a fun, unique product people like that is priced well, has periodic discounts and sales, is easy and fast to purchase with fast delivery.  In fashion, there also needs to be that magic moment, that tipping point.

We haven’t had ours yet.  If only Taylor Swift would make stripedshirts just one of her many stripes!  Or Louis Tomlinson would go back to wearing stripes. :)  Or Where’s Waldo would become a cool everyday look more than just Halloween.

I won’t give up, I’ll keep plugging and will not be discouraged by the reality that stripedshirt is a fashion brand, which is all about timing and trend.  Hoping for my own tipping point in year four!   Wish me luck and thank you to all who have supported stripedshirt so far!

To show my thanks for the support over the years, please use the code 3YEARS at check out for 25% all orders from now through Saturday Dec 7.

Taylor Swift in red and white stripes

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