Tears for Ellsbury; Red Sox Stripes That Won’t Ever Make You Cry

4 Dec

People often ask me how and why I started stripedshirt.   I always say because I’m a sports fan and I wanted to be able to wear a great shirt to cheer on my teams, without a big logo on the front, or a guy’s name on the back who would just get traded next year.

Well, last night proved that out and then some.  TEARS, huge tears.  For 7 years, my favorite Red Sox has been Jacoby Ellsbury, out of the minors on fire, called up to the Sox the same year Pedroia was a rookie, but mid season so they each got rookie of the year credit, 2 years in a row.  Jacoby is an amazing outfielder, great batter, and an even better base stealer – 52 bases in 56 tries last season.  A magical baseball moment in my life was watching as he stole HOME against the Yankees a few years ago.  And the boy is darn cute.

Well, last night, he went to the dark side, signing a seven year contract with the Evil Yankees, worth $153 million.  Third richest outfielder contract in MLB history.

And THIS my friends is a big reason I started stripedshirt.  Millions (OK, maybe that’s an exaggeration) of #2 fans out there are currently burning their Ellsbury Sox shirts.   And while I’m more upset than when my favorite “Idiot” Johnny Damon made a similar move right after the 04 World Series, my shirts are safe!  No Ellsbury name on my back.  Just cute, fun, fashionable red and blue stripes for the Red Sox I still adore, and no love to the former outfielder who is now dead to me.


Red Sox stripes

Get a stripedshirt now for your favorite teams to know you’ll always be safe even if Ray goes to the Heat or  Peyton gets cut from the Colts or the unthinkable happens and your darling favorite baseball player turns traitor after 7 years of you cheering him on.

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