Happy Birthday Breton Stripes!

27 Mar

It’s International Striped Shirt Day!

Today, March 27, marks the “birth” of the beautiful Breton stripe. Those smart Frenchies made the iconic navy and white striped knit shirt the official uniform for all navy seamen in Brittany.  This became official in the March 27, 1858 Act of France.

And so, today, HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my beloved navy and white Breton stripes!  You look pretty darn good for a 156 year old! You have been worn by so many, and inspired so many other stripes.

Including stripedshirt!  We built our whole business on stripes, and the idea that colors can represent what matters to you – your team, your school, your cause, a holiday, or just to channel your inner Coco Chanel.   Stripedshirt is fan-wear for women, kids and babies.  Now is an ideal time to get your navy and white, or any colors, to stripe it up for Spring and Summer!  Show Your Colors!

Merci, France, and Bon Anniversaire Breton Stripes!

French Sailor

Breton stripes for Moms and kids

Breton stripes for Moms and kids

Sample of stripe combos from stripesdhirt

Sample of stripe combos from stripesdhirt


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