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Tears for Ellsbury; Red Sox Stripes That Won’t Ever Make You Cry

4 Dec

People often ask me how and why I started stripedshirt.   I always say because I’m a sports fan and I wanted to be able to wear a great shirt to cheer on my teams, without a big logo on the front, or a guy’s name on the back who would just get traded next year.

Well, last night proved that out and then some.  TEARS, huge tears.  For 7 years, my favorite Red Sox has been Jacoby Ellsbury, out of the minors on fire, called up to the Sox the same year Pedroia was a rookie, but mid season so they each got rookie of the year credit, 2 years in a row.  Jacoby is an amazing outfielder, great batter, and an even better base stealer – 52 bases in 56 tries last season.  A magical baseball moment in my life was watching as he stole HOME against the Yankees a few years ago.  And the boy is darn cute.

Well, last night, he went to the dark side, signing a seven year contract with the Evil Yankees, worth $153 million.  Third richest outfielder contract in MLB history.

And THIS my friends is a big reason I started stripedshirt.  Millions (OK, maybe that’s an exaggeration) of #2 fans out there are currently burning their Ellsbury Sox shirts.   And while I’m more upset than when my favorite “Idiot” Johnny Damon made a similar move right after the 04 World Series, my shirts are safe!  No Ellsbury name on my back.  Just cute, fun, fashionable red and blue stripes for the Red Sox I still adore, and no love to the former outfielder who is now dead to me.


Red Sox stripes

Get a stripedshirt now for your favorite teams to know you’ll always be safe even if Ray goes to the Heat or  Peyton gets cut from the Colts or the unthinkable happens and your darling favorite baseball player turns traitor after 7 years of you cheering him on.

We have John Henry to thank – or blame – for Sweet Caroline at Sox games

25 Apr


With all the focus on my beloved Boston the past 10 days, and a huge boost to spirits with a surprise visit last week from Neil Diamond himself, singing at Fenway, middle of the 8th, I had to figure out, where, how, WHY did Sweet Caroline become part of the Red Sox legend and lore?

Turns out, it wasn’t so long ago.  A woman named Amy Tobey decided ballpark music from 1998 to 2004.  Knowing Sweet Caroline was played at other sporting events, she added it to the rotation, and over time it became a bit superstitious.  If the team was ahead, it would be played somewhere between the 7th and 9th innings, IF Amy thought the team was going to win.

When John Henry and co took over the team in 2002, they made it official, to be played middle of the 8th, every home game.

Think what you will of the song and of Sox leadership, but did you know, Henry grew up a Cardinals fan, and put the Sox deal together after selling the Marlins? He and Werner, Harrington and Lucchino’s express goal was breaking the curse of the bambino.

Just 2 years later, that amazing 2004 World Series had the Sox beating who- the Cardinals, his childhood team – to bring home our first World Series in 86 years.  Last year, of course, marked 100 years for Fenway, and for the past 15 Sweet Caroline has been part of the amazing franchise so many of us love so dearly.

BTW, sales of Sweet Caroline (which came out in 1969 and was written about Caroline Kennedy) are up nearly 600% since the bombing.  Seriously.  Sweet Neil is giving proceeds from sales to bombing victims.

However you feel about the song, me thinks its not going anywhere, especially not after the past week!  And I think that’s SO GOOD, SO GOOD SO GOOD!


Road to the World Series – Baseball Stripes!

10 Oct

Well, the Red Sox finally finished what was a Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad season.  Bobby is gone, but sadly, so it Tito, to the Indians. :(

With all that Debbie Downer news, we still have great baseball happening with fantastic match ups between these remaining 8 teams.  And guess what?  stripedshirt has shirts for all!  So get your stripedshirt now to show your colors for your favorite team as they battle to the World Series!

Orioles (dark orange & white) – Yankees (navy & white)

Cardinals (red & white) –  Nationals (red & blue)

Tigers (blue & orange) – As (green & white)

Giants (dark orange & white) – Reds (red & white)



Introducing stripedshirt 2.0! Stripe Up for Back to School!

1 Aug

New website for stripedshirt.comWell, in less than 2 years, I’ve had to completely redo my stripedshirt website. Ouch. A painful, long, expensive process where I’ve learned a lot.
• First, hire someone good, who really knows what they are doing and cares about you.
• Second, upgrade along the way and pay attention to the program you are using – Magento gave me fair warning!
• Third, always expect things to take more time and money than you first assumed.
• Finally, realize its never going to be perfect and celebrate improvements along the way!

And so, today, I introduce you to stripedshirt 2.0 – the new and improved website! It’s (hopefully), more polished, more professional, easier to navigate and quicker to shop and check out – performance improvement was the most key to this upgrade. I hope you like the new site, and welcome feedback, though asking you to be kind as just getting it to this was an enormous effort!

We also put out a press release today, on the new site, and its perfect timing, around Back to School, Fall and Football. Remember, stripedshirt lets you show your colors, for your school (whether college, high school, middle or elementary) and team in fun fashionable ways. With our 15 color combinations, we got you covered (colored!) for more than 50 top colleges, 20 NFL teams, and 26 of the 30 MLB teams! Stripe Up for Back to School now!

Six Striped Weeks of Summer Left!

23 Jul

red and white striped shirts for women, kids and babies

Labor day is 6 weeks from today, summer is going fast, but still lots of time for this Summer Of Stripes!

Nothing says Summer more than bright-preppy, crisp-nautical, timeless-country club, flag-waving, beach-going, picnic-eating, baseball-loving STRIPES! And at we have 15 great color combinations available now for women, kids and babies to stripe up for summer. Think:

Our navy and white stripes with faded red canvas pants
Our royal and white stripes with a hot pink skort
Our yellow and white stripes with dark indigo bermudas
Our red and white stripes with a white eyelet skirt
Our dark orange and white stripes with rolled up jeans
Our black and gray stripes with a black mini skirt
Our red and blue stripes with khaki shorts, rooting on the Red Sox!

And don’t forget the Olympics, coming up fast (opening ceremonies this Fri, the 27th), you can choose that same red and blue, or our royal and white, or the classic red and white stripe that will also suit you well for Christmas, Valentine’s Day, and perhaps Halloween (if you want to be Waldo, Olivia the Pig, a pirate or French sailor).

Stripedshirt Ts are also great when you have that family reunion, family photo, family vacation, day at Disney, an amusement park, a fair or festival, outfitting all the women, kids and babies in the same stripes is a sure-fire way to stick together and look a-freaking-dorable at the same time.

Oh, and Stripes aren’t just for Summer! With college football starting in less than 6 weeks, here’s a reminder that stripedshirt has the colors of over 50 top teams, and 23 of the top 25 as of end of last season.

Striped up your Summer – and Fall – NOW!

World Series in June? Yup! The CWS! College World Series, Heading to Omaha!

12 Jun

blue and gold stripedshirt for women, kids, babies, go Kent StateIt is World Series time in baseball…… baseball. With Super Regionals over, the CWS is starting up in Omaha this Friday night. Eight teams remain including Cinderella story Stony Brook of NY State, who beat LSU to advance to Omaha.

We at stripedshirt are proud to have colors for all but UCLA (just don’t have the light blue yet), so if you are heading to Omaha yourself, or just cheering on 1 of 7 of the final 8 teams, go to and buy a cute shirt to cheer on these awesome college ball players!

Oh and who are we rooting for? Well, with no Boston College, no Ohio State, no University of Texas in the finals, I guess we gotta go for Kent State to support our love for all things Ohio.

Fri, June 15:
Stony Brook (red and gray) V. UCLA (lt blue and yellow)
Arizona (blue and red) V. Florida State (maroon (garnet) and gold)

Sat, June 16:
Kent State (blue and yellow) V. Arkansas (red and white)
South Carolina (red and black) v. Florida (blue and orange)


20 Apr

Red and blue striped shirts for the Red Soxstriped-shirt-birthday-cake-image

Today is an amazing day for Red Sox fans, but frankly all fans of baseball, of America, of traditions, of history. Baseball is the ultimate American pastime, and while there are dozens of beautiful ball parks out there, major and minor league, Spring training, etc., there are but two historic parks left: Wrigley and Fenway.

Today, April 20, 2012, Fenway Park turns 100. Happy birthday old girl!

Anyone who has been to Fenway knows it’s a magical place. And no more magical than October 2004, when the Sox miraculously came back from being down 3 to the Evil Empire, to win 4 in a row and go on to win the World Series, first time in 86 years, breaking the Curse of the Bambino. If you are a Sox fan, or just a baseball fan (as long as you aren’t a Yankees fan), and haven’t yet watched the ESPN 30for30 on Four Days in October, DO IT. You will have chills, you will cry!

The Red Sox, that team, that park, means so much to my fam, our oldest daughter, born that same year, has the middle name of Fenway. My mother tried to discourage us, telling me Fenway means “swamp area.” No luck. Then and now, we think it’s a pretty cool name.

And, of course, my love for the Sox, and their park, was a big motivator to start stripedshirt. I wear my red and blue with pride, often, even during slow season starts, end of season implosions, or clubhouse beer and fried chicken scandals. So today, give a little cheer for Red Sox Nation and our amazing Fenway Park. 100 years is worth a hat tip, even from a Yankees fan!

Stripes Are All the Rage, But Do They Need to be OutRAGEously Expensive? NO!!!

13 Apr

Louis Tomlinson, One Direction, needs a stripedshirt2 color combo striped Tshirts, for women, kids, babies, red and blue, green and white, navy and whiteRecall, I had the idea of stripedshirt since about 1997 or so, back in my Boston days, when we could “dress down” on Fridays, and when I started whining about wanting just a cute maroon and gold shirt for BC football games, a red and blue striped number that didn’t have Garciaparra’s name on the back for Red Sox games.

I just happened to finally make stripedshirt a reality right when stripes are all the rage. Great timing and famous striped wearers out there like cute Louis Tomlinson of One Direction in his stripes. But stripes are really everywhere, and some of the very cutest, in my opinion, are ridiculously expensive. I’m so happy to be the affordable – and stylish – striped option.

At, every shirt, every size, is $19.99.

I had to speak up and write something about this, b/c I just saw J Crew carrying the awesome Edith Miller shirts, some cool stripes, but at a bank-busting $82 a piece. For a TSHIRT!

To give you some other shockers, of comparable short sleeved striped shirts from some of my favorite brands:
Vineyard Vines, which I adore, has a sailor T at 49.50
Splendid, $64
Chance Co, $62
• The grand daddy of them all, Armor Lux, around since 1938, begun in Brittany France with the signature Breton stripe, barely has any women’s options in the US, but the closest I could find, runs 99.98.

So, striped lovers out there, remember, you don’t need to break the bank to get into some cute stripes for Spring and Summer, we have em, 14 color combo choices, for women from XS to XL, but also for babies and kiddos. All stylish, high quality and at a very wallet-friendly $19.99!

MLB is back! 26 teams of stripes!

4 Apr

Red and blue stripes for sox, navy and white for Yanksred-and-blue-stripes-for-the-red-soxBaseball-stripes-for-women-kids-babies

With MLB opening day this Thurs, April 5, and opening night TONIGHT, Wed, April 4, with the reigning champ St. Louis Cardinals at the new Miami Marlins field, and April 20 fast approaching to mark the 100th anniversary of Fenway Park, we have baseball fever over here at “stripedshirt world headquarters.”

And what an exciting season for us. Of the 30 teams in the AL and NL, stripedshirt has colors for 26 of em! (and it is very likely we’ll never have all the colors for the new Miami Marlins – orange, blue and yellow? Yuck!)

As you know, baseball is a longggg season, so order up your Ts now to cheer on your favorite baseball team (which better be the Red Sox!)

Go to NOW! Yeah Baseball!!

American League
Baltimore Orioles – dark orange and white
Boston Red Sox – red and blue
Chicago White Sox – black and gray
Cleveland Indians – red and blue
Detroit Tigers – navy and white
Kansas City Royals – royal and white
LA Angels – red and blue
Minnesota Twins – red and blue
NY Yankees – navy and white
Oakland As – green and white
Seattle Mariners – navy and white (no teal yet)
Tampa Bay Rays – navy and white (no light blue yet)
Texas Rangers – red and blue
Toronto Blue Jays – red and blue

National League
Arizona Diamondbacks – red and black
Atlanta Braves – red and blue
Chicago Cubs – royal and white
Cincinnati Reds – red and white
Colorado Rockies – purple and white
Houston Astros – cranberry and gray
LA Dodgers – royal and white
Miami Marlins – orange, blue and yellow?? Not seeing those stripes in our future
Milwaukee Brewers – navy and white
NY Mets – blue and orange
Philadelphia Phillies – red and white
Pittsburgh Pirates – black and gray (don’t have black and gold)
San Diego Padres – navy and white
San Francisco Giants – dark orange and white
St Louis Cardinals – red and white
Washington Nationals – red and blue

14 Days Til Pitchers and Catchers Report!

6 Feb

As we Patriot’s fans cry in our beer, and give earned props to the Giants, the better team tonight, I say: JUST 14 days til catchers and pitchers report to Spring Training! Feb 19, a new chapter begins! So that red and blue T is still very relevant. Get one to cheer on our BoSox, very soon! Tonight we say thanks to Brady, Gronk, Hernandez, Branch, Bob and Gray Hooded Sweatshirt for another amazing season! red and blue striped shirt for girls, women

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