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A Striped Road to the World Series!

9 Oct

Now that my beloved Red Sox are out, I guess we can root for ALL FOUR TEAMS, at least in terms of We have super cute red and white for St. Louis fans, great red and blue for Rangers fans. And navy and white, no longer for Yankees this season, can support either the Brewers or the Tigers. This baseball fan, living in Texas, has to now root for the Rangers. And, after falling in love with Moneyball, the movie, will have a new place in her heart, always, for the Oakland A’s (in a fantastic green and white T of course). Bring on some great league championships, and an exciting Series. Baseball isn’t over yet, even for Sox fans!

RedSoxNation – its GO time! Put on your rally caps

26 Sep

That’s right, 3 games left, and only 1 up on Tampa Bay. We need Red Sox wins, Orioles losses, Rays losses, and weirdly Yankees wins. Such an unnatural feeling, hoping the Yanks win, but here I am! And the best way to cheer on the Sox, a cute red and blue  Strangely, this shirt also supports the Rangers.  And we have Baltimore covered with a cute dark orange and white option, and the Evil Empire with our navy and white stripes.  And even St. Louis with our red and white.   This is the best of baseball season, the nail biting last games! GO BOSOX!

When Sports (Movies) Are Inspiring

8 Oct

Am I crazy? A lone female who feels this way? But sports inspire me. Or at least sports movies!

Amazing moments and accomplishments make me smile so hard my mouth hurts, get goosebumps, cry a little. I gotta believe there are other girlz who feel this way too.

I’m thinking about it b/c we watched 4 Days in October last night, the ESPN (amazing!) movie on the Sox coming back from behind to beat the Yankees in the ALCS championships, October 2004.

You know, the most amazing sports moments EVA! EVA!

Ironically, I was pregnant at the time, so super emotional anyway, and we are fantatical Sox fans anyway, were sleep deprived watching these painfully long games/late nights, and at the 3rd game (devastating) loss to the Evil Empire had been crazy enough to proclaim that if the Sox came back to win it all, our unborn child, due in 2 mo’s, would have the middle name Fenway, whether boy or girl. Those who know us these 6 years later, know we keep a promise! :)

So maybe it was all these past factors, but seeing the movie last night, it all happened again – that grin so big it hurts, the goosebumps, the tears. And its not just RedSox, or baseball (tho The Natural, Field of Dreams, Bull Durham, The Rookie, and even Stealing Home ROCK!) or “my teams.”

I cannot turn the channel when I happen upon Remember the Titans. One of the BEST MOVIES EVER! (and the amazing soundtrack doesn’t hurt). Miracle – loved it. Glory Road – amazing! Fell in love with the entire team, and still get excited when one of the actors is in something else. Even the awful (but smokin hot) Matthew McConaughey wasn’t enough to deter me from We Are Marshall. And yes, I admit it, I even liked Invincible. But I do adoreeee Mark Wahlberg (and the way he talks to animals :) )

And again, friends know, I live for FNL. The movie – amazing. The TV show, life changing. My affection for those characters, well, its like I think at any moment I’m going to get to have Tammy and Eric over for dinner, or be the shoulder for Matt to lean on, or bail Tim out of some trouble (and then make out with him).

So my point – Sports INSPIRE. Or I guess sports movies. (tho in my defense, most are based on true stories, amazing come backs or hurdles overcome).

Ladies, am I alone? Or are others of you out there too?

And – selfish stripedshirt plug – just imagine if you could support those teams in a cute, stylish, fashionable, fitted striped T in their 2 colors?

Whether at the Sox games, or just watching 4 Days in October again (and again), I can’t wait for my blue and red stripedshirt! And thank you to the Idiots of the 2004 Red Sox for cowboying up to give me one of the best memories EVA. Why NOT Us?!

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