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Sweet STRIPED Sixteen

25 Mar

Oh, how I love March Madness!  And those first four days are always such a ride.  How about those Dayton Flyers?  Crazy!  And Syracuse, Kansas, Duke all out so early – wow!   And how mean to match up Kentucky v. Louisville for the Sweet Sixteen!

Now, we are down to just 16 teams, and of course, stripedshirt has colors for all (except UCLA, what is up with light blue and yellow???)  Who are you picking to go all the way to Dallas on April 7?

Me?  Who doesn’t love a Cinderella.  I’m Flyers all the way!  Whoever your team, get a stripedshirt to Show Your Colors for your next game, for always!

University of Dayton Flyers colors

University of Dayton Flyers colors

Line up for Thurs, March 27:

Line up for Fri, March 28:



25 Mar


As always, the tourney has had some surprises – a credit union??? (FGCU) – and lots of fun! After first 2 rounds, we are down to our sweet 16, a great group to STRIPE UP FOR!  I’m still cheering for my Buckeyes, go Ohio State!  But wow to that Iowa State match up, I wish the Cyclones could advance too.  4 Big 10 teams move forward – that’s huge!

My favorite player of the tourney?  No, not OSU’s Aaron Craft.  Rather the JOLLY GIANT of Miami, #42, Reggie Johnson.  Google him.  This football linebacker is downright adorable on the court.

Whoever your favorite of the sweet sixteen, get a stripedshirt to show their colors at

Arizona – red and blue

Duke – royal and white

FGCU – royal and white

Florida – orange and blue

Indiana – red and white

Kansas – royal and white

LaSalle – blue and gold

Louisville – red and black

Marquette – blue and gold

Miami – green and white

Michigan – maize and blue

Michigan State – green and white

Ohio State – red and gray

Oregon – green and white

Syracuse – orange and blue

Wichita State – yellow and white

Back to NCAA Hoops! Striped Madness Soon!

4 Feb

Kids in stripes for NCAA college hoops


OK, that was a pretty intense Superbowl game, eh?  I wasn’t really rooting for anyone, a bit against the Ravens b/c they took out my Patriots.  It was a snore-ville 1st half, then the lights went out and everything changed.  Awesome game.  And Beyonce – whether lip syncing or live – was pretty awesome too.

And now that football is really over, and we have just one week before pitchers and catchers report to Spring Training (Red Sox, Tues, Feb 12!!!), and just 3 weeks til our first MLB Spring Training games (Feb 22), let’s focus for a minute on COLLEGE HOOPS! YEAH!

As we head toward March Madness, and the fun of Selection Sunday on St. Patricks Day, Sunday, March 17, here’s who’s looking good with just over 4 weeks left in the regular season.

We have colors for most so get your stripedshirt now to cheer on your favorite team from now right through to the championship game April 8 in the Georgia Dome.

AP Poll as of Feb 4

Indiana – red and white (btw, they were ranked #1 pre-season too – GO HOOSIERS!)

Florida – blue and orange

Michigan – maize and blue

Duke – royal and white

Kansas – royal and white

Gonzaga – red and blue

Arizona – red and blue

Miami (FL) – (green and orange, we don’t have yet)

Syracuse – blue and orange

Ohio State – red and gray

Louisville – red and black

Michigan State – green and white

Kansas St – purple and white

Butler – royal and white

New Mexico – red and white

Creighton – royal and white

Cincinnati – red and black

Minnesota – maroon and gold

Oregon – green and white

Georgetown – navy and white

Missouri – not yet

Oklahoma State – orange and white

Pittsburgh – blue and gold

Marquette – blue and gold

Notre Dame – blue and gold

Go to now and get colors to cheer on your favorite NCAA basketball team all season long!

Welcome Back College Hoops!

9 Nov

Yeah!  Today is Opening Day for College Hoops, and what a great way to open it up – momentarily - with Michigan State versus UConn, in Germany, at an Air Force Base.  Beautifully timed around Veteran’s Day. How great is this!  Goosebumps.  And what a way for UConn’s new coach Kevin Ollie (former NBA star himself) to make his debut, with 3 Germans on the UConn team, btw.  Love that Tom Izzo, last year starting things off on a Carrier, this year on a Base.  He’s the best.

Other great games kick us off tonight too:
Ohio State v. Marquette

Maryland v. Kentucky

Florida v. Georgetown

It’s BACK! So excited! And as we look to the full, fun season, here’s the pre-season rankings – and of course where stripedshirt matches up with the top teams.

Go to now and get colors to cheer on your favorite NCAA basketball team all season long!

Final Four – Get Striped Up to Support!

26 Mar

Next Sat night, 3/31, 4 teams battle it out for the NCAA men’s basketball championship. So excited my Ohio State Buckeyes are still in the hunt, taking on Kansas, both beating #1 seeds to face each other. And Louisville surprised everyone, now having to face Kentucky. It will not get much better than seeing Pitino and Calipari coach against each other. Awesome! We, of course, have stripes for all four teams, and plenty of time to order em up now to make sure you are supporting those teams at the end of March Madness. Buy em now at GO BUCKS!

Ohio State – Red and gray
Kansas – Royal and white
Louisville – Red and black
Kentucky – Royal and white
striped shirts for OSU Buckeye fans, women and kids

Sweet Striped Sixteen

20 Mar

Well, I missed the first rounds being on Spring Break in West Texas (aka Really Truly Off the Grid). So now we are down to 16 teams! And wow, 4 are from Ohio! And almost all Midwest. Where is the West Coast? North East? MADNESS!

Of the Sweet Sixteen, has stripes for 15, or 90%! And even with games starting up again 3/22, we can get you your team’s stripes! Definitely before April 2 so order up now at!! My fav? Gotta root for my Buckeyes!

Kentucky v Indiana –Royal and white v. Red and white

Baylor v Xavier – Green and white v. Navy and white

Michigan State v. Louisville – Green and white v. Red and black

Marquette v. Florida – Blue and gold v. Orange and blue

Syracuse v. Wisconsin – Orange and blue v. Red and white

Cincinnati v. Ohio State – Red and black v. Red and gray

North Carolina v. Ohio University – Lt blue and white (Don’t have) v. Green and white

NC State v. Kansas – Red and black v. Royal and white
Ohio State fans, red and gray striped shirts for women, kids, babies

YEAH! Less than a month til the Madness begins!

16 Feb

Now that we are past St(riped) Valentine’s Day (and red & white Ts), and before I start bugging you about St(riped) Patrick’s Day (and green & white T’s), let’s take a pause to realize we are less than a month out from the Madness! Selection Sunday is March 11, with first games for the 64 teams beginning March 13, going right through our favorite brackets to the championship game in NOLA April 2.

Where we stand as of today, we are proud, for the top 25 NCAA men’s basketball teams, stripedshirt has colors for 21 of em, or nearly 85%. See our list here. You still have plenty of time to get a stripedshirt to support your team, so hit and order up your colors!

1. Kentucky, royal and white
2. Syracuse, blue and orange
3. Missouri, not yet
4. Kansas, royal and white
5. Duke, royal and white
6. Ohio State, red and gray
7. Michigan State, green and white
8. North Carolina, not yet
9. Baylor, green and white
10. Georgetown, not yet
11. UNLV, red and gray
12. Marquette, blue and yellow
13. San Diego State, red and black
14. Florida, blue and orange
15. Wisconsin, red and white
16. Murray State, blue and yellow
17. Michigan, maize and blue
18. Indiana, red and white
19. Louisville, red and black
20. Florida State, garnet and gold
21. St. Mary’s, red and blue
22. Virginia, blue and orange
23. Notre Dame, blue and yellow
24. Wichita State, not yet
25. Gonzaga, blue and red

Kentucky Wildcats logoWoman, kids in royal and white striped shirts Syracuse Orangemen logoWoman, kids in orange and blue striped shirts