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And then there were four! Superbowl Stripes!

14 Jan

red and blue stripedshirt for women, kids and babies. Perfect for Patriots

What an amazing weekend of NFL football, eh?  Three were among the best games I can recall, and the last, well, though it was lopsided, that was in the favor of my Patriots.  So no complaints.  And now we are down to 4, and of course, we have stripes for all!

Next Sunday, Jan 20, the 49ers , ironically wearing his old college colors, will face BC’s favorite son, Matt Ryan, and the Atlanta Falcons, at 3 pm eastern. Maroon & gold versus Red & black

And then, the Ravens will go down to the Patriots, at 6:30 pm. Purple & white versus Red and blue

Regardless of my preferences, we have stripes for all 4 teams and can get you your colors in time for Sunday, and definitely for the Feb 3 Super Bowl.  Go to and get your team colors now!

Oh, and it didn’t stink that Ohio State ruined Michigan’s undefeated basketball record, and chance to b ranked #1, this weekend too!  Go Bucks!


Striped Road to the Super Bowl, Sunday Feb 3

5 Jan


As I sit here writing in my maroon and gray stripedshirt in honor of the amazing A&M win last night, and watching, surely, a future star of the NFL in Johnny Cotton Bowl, I’m excited that we are officially in NFL play offs.

This year really has been a great year in the NFL: to watch RG3 bringing the Redskins back to dominance, the Colts killing it to honor their awesome coach, Adrian Peterson (AP?  AD?) and Peyton Manning coming back against odds, my much loved Matty Ice repping BC with the Falcons’ strong season, the Patriots actually getting it together when it mattered after some iffy games, and of course (sorry NYC), seeing the Jets implode, and yes even happy to see the Giants go down after last year’s painful (shameful?) Super Bowl.

Personally, I like all these wildcards (take note MLB).  We have 4 great games today – and stripes for all!!!  As your favorite team powers toward Feb 3, get your stripedshirt to represent in a fun, fashionable way!

Today/Saturday, Jan 5

Bengals at TexansOrange and white v. Red and blue

Vikings at PackersPurple and white v. Green and white

Sunday, Jan 6

Colts at RavensRoyal and white v. Purple and white

Seahawks at RedskinsNavy and white v. Maroon and gold

Next Saturday, Jan 12, wildcard winners will face the Broncos (Blue and orange) and 49ers (Maroon and gold)

And on Sunday, Jan 13, we’ll see wildcards up against my beloved Patriots (Red and blue) and BC’s finest Matt Ryan with the Falcons (Red and black)




Introducing stripedshirt 2.0! Stripe Up for Back to School!

1 Aug

New website for stripedshirt.comWell, in less than 2 years, I’ve had to completely redo my stripedshirt website. Ouch. A painful, long, expensive process where I’ve learned a lot.
• First, hire someone good, who really knows what they are doing and cares about you.
• Second, upgrade along the way and pay attention to the program you are using – Magento gave me fair warning!
• Third, always expect things to take more time and money than you first assumed.
• Finally, realize its never going to be perfect and celebrate improvements along the way!

And so, today, I introduce you to stripedshirt 2.0 – the new and improved website! It’s (hopefully), more polished, more professional, easier to navigate and quicker to shop and check out – performance improvement was the most key to this upgrade. I hope you like the new site, and welcome feedback, though asking you to be kind as just getting it to this was an enormous effort!

We also put out a press release today, on the new site, and its perfect timing, around Back to School, Fall and Football. Remember, stripedshirt lets you show your colors, for your school (whether college, high school, middle or elementary) and team in fun fashionable ways. With our 15 color combinations, we got you covered (colored!) for more than 50 top colleges, 20 NFL teams, and 26 of the 30 MLB teams! Stripe Up for Back to School now!

One Week From Today – Superbowl and Wu-perbowl!

30 Jan

One week from today, excited for the Patriots to beat the Giants! Should be an awesome game, and as I say, the NY team we love to play and always respect, like the Mets, and UNLIKE the Evil Jets and Yankees! GO PATS! Even with just 7 days to go, we can still get you a T to cheer on Brady, Gronk and all the boys. Yes, both teams are red and blue (which is still a super cute stripe combo), but the Pats will be in blue, as the home team, so the navy and white stripedshirt would be just the ticket.

Separately and also a week from today, Jason Wu’s line debuts at Target. I love his look! VERY classic, clean lines, preppy, and plenty of stripes! Several of his shorts, skirts and hand bags would look amazing with a stripedshirt! Get yourself to Target next Sunday before the big game and take advantage of the Wu-perbowl. (pretty cleva, aren’t I? :) )Mom and kids in navy and white stripedshirt Ts

The Same Stripe Quandary: A Flaw in my Strategy?

23 Jan

Well, that whole “just have the colors show which team you are rooting for” thing kind of blows up when both teams are THE SAME colors, eh? Or so she realizes the second the Giants won a fantastic game in over time tonight.

This does happen now and again:
BC v. Florida State
Reds v. Cardinals
Michigan v. Notre Dame
Nebraska v. Wisconsin

But for the Superbowl, what are we to do? A room of red and blue striped wearing ladies means fans of which team?

Fortunately, I DO have the solution.

A fool proof, perfect solution!

On February 5, simply assume everyone wearing red and blue stripes is a smart fan, a fan of the winning team, a PATS FAN! GOOOO PATRIOTS! red and blue stripedshirt for kiddo Pats fans

Road to Super Bowl – and then there were 8!

9 Jan

Big days yesterday and today, and a nice change from a zillion bowl games (tho tomorrow night should be good, and of course, we think purple and white OR red and white both look good :) ).

And now, next week, great great line ups! Most excited to see the Patriots meet up again with Tebow and the Broncos. That amazing SNL skit comes to mind once more. Both QBs “blessed” and “chosen” – how to decide? who to annoint? We hope it goes down just like last time! But beyond that, just great match ups – with great stripes! Get your team colors NOW before the Super Bowl (Sun, Feb 5)

Sat, Jan 14
New Orleans at San Fran
(We have a cute black and gray for the Saints, and maroon and gold for the 49ers)

Denver at New England
(our orange and blue is perf for the Broncos, and of course, our red and blue was built for the Pats)

Sun, Jan 15
Houston at Baltimore
(that same red and blue works for the Texans, and purple and white for the Traitor (sorry I was brought up a Cleveland Browns fan) Ravens))

Giants at Green Bay
(again red and blue for the Giants, the NY team we don’t love to hate (Jets), and green and white for the Packers (we just can’t bear to make green and yellow yet, it is about as unpretty as maroon and orange (sorry Virgina Tech).

SO, get your stripedshirt now to support your team as they roll toward the Super Bowl! We can get em to you before the games. Can’t wait for next weekend!

Are you ready for some (NFL) football?

8 Sep

Tomorrow officially begins NFL season with the last 2 superbowl champs facing off – NO Saints and Green Bay Packers. While stripedshirt doesn’t have either team’s colors exactly, we did want to remind you which teams we do represent – 14 and growing – so YOU can represent every Sunday – and Monday – in the cutest way! Check out all 9 color options at, and don’t hold it against us if we are a little partial to the Pats. It was long before Brady, if that helps?

49ers – maroon and gold
Bills – red and blue
Bucs – black and red
Cards – black and red
Chargers – navy and white
Chiefs – maroon and gold
Eagles – green and white
Falcons – black and red
Giants – red and blue
Jets – green and white
Patriots – red and blue
Raiders – black and gray
Redskins – maroon and gold
Texans – red and blue