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stripedshirt KickSTOPPER

26 May

striped-shirt-logoWell Striped Supporters, the jig is up!

After 5 years of trying to get stripedshirt to take off, I’m giving up.  But in true Laura fashion, I wanted to do so with some flare and with a very public admission of defeat.

A few weeks ago, over dinner with friends, we hatched this idea of doing a stripedshirt KickSTOPPER.

And then, at lunch with another friend, we kept rolling with the idea and doing a video of my IndieNoGo.

I knew the vision of the video immediately: it is modeled after the brilliance I think is Mike and the launch of the Dollar Shave Club 3 years ago.  I’m no Mike (and knew I couldn’t swear since I wanted kids to watch the video!), but I thought we could do something in the same spirit.  Something cute, funny, short and sweet, and brutally honest.

And so, here today is the unveiling of the video for the stripedshirt KickSTOPPER.  It’s real, it’s true, you can really get 50% off your order at just by entering “kickstopper” at the coupon code at check out.  It is deliberately a very public – and hopefully funny – way for me to tell the world stripedshirt failed.


I think of it kind of like a relationship.  Until you tell all your friends your boyfriend broke up with you, they are going to keep asking about him every time they see you.  Everyone asks me “how are the stripes?”  Now I can just point them to YouTube!

I’m also doing this because I gave stripedshirt 5 years and I’m quite proud of that effort.  Being an entrepreneur is really hard, and there is no shame in the fact this business didn’t fly.  We are always talking about businesses launching, about start ups.  We rarely talk about shut downs!

Now I am, with the world’s first real Kickstopper campaign, and a rare public admission of a failed business.  Check out the video, and if you like it, pass it on!  (Cause it wouldn’t hurt if I sold a few more shirts!)

Thank you so much for all the support and encouragement along the way these past 5 years.  It is beyond appreciated!

(please no lawsuits, Kickstarter or Indiegogo, all I got to give for a settlement is a bunch of stripedshirts!)

Happy Birthday Breton Stripes!

27 Mar

It’s International Striped Shirt Day!

Today, March 27, marks the “birth” of the beautiful Breton stripe. Those smart Frenchies made the iconic navy and white striped knit shirt the official uniform for all navy seamen in Brittany.  This became official in the March 27, 1858 Act of France.

And so, today, HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my beloved navy and white Breton stripes!  You look pretty darn good for a 156 year old! You have been worn by so many, and inspired so many other stripes.

Including stripedshirt!  We built our whole business on stripes, and the idea that colors can represent what matters to you – your team, your school, your cause, a holiday, or just to channel your inner Coco Chanel.   Stripedshirt is fan-wear for women, kids and babies.  Now is an ideal time to get your navy and white, or any colors, to stripe it up for Spring and Summer!  Show Your Colors!

Merci, France, and Bon Anniversaire Breton Stripes!

French Sailor

Breton stripes for Moms and kids

Breton stripes for Moms and kids

Sample of stripe combos from stripesdhirt

Sample of stripe combos from stripesdhirt


Happy Birthday Breton Stripe!

27 Mar

This is re-run from a blog post I did a year ago today. What I didn’t share then, that I think is super cool, is my own birthday is the day after the birthday of the Breton stripe! I was destined to live a striped life! :)


Today, March 27, marks the “birth” of the beautiful Breton stripe. Those smart Frenchies made the iconic navy and white striped knit shirt the official uniform for all navy seamen in Brittany. This became official in the March 27, 1858 Act of France.

And so, today, HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my beloved navy and white Breton stripes!

You have been worn by so many, and inspired so many other stripes, including To celebrate the birthday, today only, March 27, 25% off any of our 15 color combination stripedshirts, including the navy and white Breton inspired stripedshirt. Just enter “Breton” at the code at check out.

Now is an ideal time to get your navy and white, or any colors, to stripe it up for Spring and Summer!

Merci, France, and Bon Anniversaire Breton Stripes!


navy-and-white-stripesWoman and kids in navy and white stripes, breton stripe inspired shirts

striped up for the holidays!

8 Nov

My first holiday sale was last Saturday, and another this weekend.  Thanksgiving is crazily just 2 weeks from TODAY!  And then Black Friday, which is also the 2 year anniversary of stripedshirt!  The very next day, Saturday, November 24, is Small Business Saturday, a day focused on supporting the little guy building a dream.  That’s ME!

There’s a lot of striped momentum going on and now’s the time to stripe up your holidays, and think about stripedshirt as a great gift idea for nearly any woman, kid or baby in your life!

Christmas striped shirt

Our red and green is the anti-tacky-Christmas-sweater, a cute way to support the season.  Equally cute for the holidays is our red and white, or green and white.

And for those celebrating Hanukkah, our royal and blue is perfect.

If you need a cute teacher gift this year, consider stripedshirt in your school colors, or the favorite college or pro team in your area.

Best yet, for all our supporters, we celebrate our 2 years with a deal for you.  Just enter 2YEAR at check out for 30% off your entire order, starting on our birthday, Friday, November 23, through to Cyber Monday, November 26.

Thanks for a great 2 years, and May Your Holidays Be Merry And Striped!

Mom and kids in red and green striped shirts for Christmas



Summer is Over, Stripes Never Are! FALL In Love With Stripes!

4 Sep

Credit to Sable & Sage blog

Orange and white stripes too, fall stripes for moms and kidsWell, today marks the official last day of summer. And while you can put away your whites, keep out your stripes! Stripes are great for any time of year, and stripedshirt Ts, in particular, look great this Fall.

Here are some ideas:
• Put our yellow and white under a cool Fall blazer, and/or with deep indigo pants
• Our black and gray looks fantastic with a cozy gray sweater or wrap, or a bold, popping red sweater
• The cranberry and gray is a big hit in the Fall, and looks fantastic with any jeans. Apparently, cranberry jewel tones are the hot color for Fall
• You can change up the summery, nautical navy and white by pairing it with great mustard yellow or paprika cords, a dark denim jean jacket on top
• The dark orange and white is pumpkin terrific for Halloween and Thanksgiving and I just wore it this weekend with a cute pair of navy shorts
• Add our purple and white to a dark denim skirt and Frye campus boots
• Wear our green and white with a pair of more faded indigo boyfriend jeans and converse or adidas sneaks is super casual cool
Red and white is timeless and season-less, looks great with jeans, but we even dress it up formal with cool black taffeta or tulip skirts, black tights and boots
• I’ve worn the stripes with a crisp long sleeve white collared shirt underneath and it looks awesome, very sharp and business professional with a little zing
• Any of our stripes look Fall Football perfect with a white or gray long sleeve T underneath, layer up for any game.

What’s your favorite way to FALL INTO STRIPES? Let us know, share a picture, we’d love to pass on the inspiration!

Happy Bastille Day! Today everyone can be a little French, just STRIPE up!

14 Jul

Girls in red and blue and navy and white stripedshirtsToday, July 14, is Bastille Day, the name we English speaking countries give to French National Day, their Independence Day, 10 days after ours on 4th of July. In France, this day is called: La Fête Nationale (The National Celebration). It commemorates the 1789 storming of the Bastille by revolutionaries to get the gunpowder they needed to overthrow King Louis XVI. This day became the symbol of the French Revolution, the fall of the absolute monarchy.

We at stripedshirt celebrate Bastille day as the 2nd most important striped day in history.

The first being March 27, the “birth” of the Breton stripe, the iconic navy and white striped knit shirt which became the official uniform for the French navy on this date in 1858.

Today, Bastille Day, celebrating all things French, also, of course, celebrates Stripes – navy and white or otherwise. And so, Joyeux Quatorze Juillet to you all!

TWO WEEKS TIL TEAM USA! This year, make it a Striped Summer Olympics

13 Jul

Kid in a red and blue striped shirt, Go Team USA!Red and white striped shirt for women, kids, babiesToday marks 2 weeks til opening ceremonies of the Summer Olympics in London. Things kick off Fri, July 27 and run through August 12.

Maybe it’s just me and this stripedshirt business, but this summer has seemed more American than others, more reasons, opportunities, and WANTS, to wear my red and white, red and blue or royal and white stripedshirts. I feel more Patriotic this year.

Maybe I’m especially sentimental about the Summer Olympics because at the last one, I was in the hospital having our 2nd daughter. Michael Phelps and his swimming helped get me through a good amount of time waiting for Amelia.

Is it just me, or are you feeling extra Patriotic or Sentimental or American this summer too? If so, a great way to show your USA spirit is with a stripedshirt! And to make them even more affordable, from now through the start of the Olympics, July 13 through July 27, with the code “Olympics” you will get 25% off everything at stripedshirt, whether USA colors or not.

Another Day in Striped Paradise…

29 Jun

stripes help you spot your kids on vacationMatching shirts for vacations, striped Costa RicaI was “off the grid” for a full week, no cell phone, no Facebook, no Twitter, no Internet, and really, truly, about 45 minutes TOTAL of checking email, fast, to make sure nothing was on serious fire. It was lovely! Weird, but lovely. You do get used to not being tethered to devices. And you bet we striped up in Costa Rica, I am biased of course, but I think stripedshirt looks lovely in paradise. You?

It Is Officially Summer ….. OF STRIPES!

20 Jun

Kids royal blue and white striped TshirtKids red and white striped TshirtKids red and blue striped TshirtToday is the official first day of summer, the Summer Solstice, June 20, and so, HAPPY SUMMER OF STRIPES to you and yours!

Nothing says Summer more than bright-preppy, crisp-nautical, timeless-country club, flag-waving, beach-going, picnic-eating, baseball-loving STRIPES! And at we have 15 great color combinations available now for women, kids and babies to stripe up for summer. Think:

Our navy and white stripes with faded red canvas pants
Our royal and white stripes with a hot pink skort
Our yellow and white stripes with dark indigo bermudas
Our red and white stripes with a white eyelet skirt
Our dark orange and white stripes with rolled up jeans
Our black and gray stripes with a black mini skirt
Our red and blue stripes with khaki shorts, rooting on the Red Sox!

And don’t forget all your USA moments, whether 4th of July or the Summer Olympics, you can choose that same red and blue, or our royal and white, or the classic red and white stripe that will also suit you well for Christmas, Valentine’s Day, and perhaps Halloween (if you want to be Waldo, Olivia the Pig, a pirate or French sailor).

Stripedshirt Ts are also great when you have that family reunion, family photo, family vacation, day at Disney, an amusement park, a fair or festival, outfitting all the women, kids and babies in the same stripes is a sure-fire way to stick together and look a-freaking-dorable at the same time.

Stripe up your Summer now!

Sporting My Red and White Stripes on Flag Day. Are You?

14 Jun

red and white striped shirt for Flag Day, 4th of JulyAmerican Flag with red and white stripes!Still time to get Red and White stripes for 4th of July (and every other holiday this color combo suits: Christmas, Valentine’s, Memorial Day, even Halloween if you wanna be Waldo.) The power and statement of Red and White Stripes…’s something special! Go to and order today for all the America-lovin’ women, kids and babies in your life.

And what about our flag? Well, we know there are 13 red and white stripes for the 13 original colonies, but did you know those stripes start and end with red? And we know the 50 small white stars in the blue canton are for our 50 United States, but did you know the blue rectangle is referred to as the Union?

As for Flag Day, Woodrow Wilson proclaimed it so in 1916 and National Flag Day was established in 1949 by an Act of Congress. Take a moment today to celebrate our country, our Flag, and the power of red and white stripes!

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