On the 16th day of Striped Christmas….

16 Dec

My true love gave to me, folks showing their Christmas Spirit via – Natch! – striped T’s!

You can show your holiday spirit with stripes too! And still 9 days to get a unique gift for family and friends. 10 color combos and 4 more on the way, 12 sizes for women, kids and babies. www.stripedshirt.com Shop Now. Shop Stripes. kid-striped-shirt

On the 15th day of Striped Christmas….

15 Dec

….my true love gave to me, 15 extroverted kiddos all in striped T’s!

For your own stage hog kiddos, or any one in your life, get em Striped! 10 more days til Xmas, we can package and ship for you, a unique gift. 10 color combos in 12 sizes for babies, kids and women. www.stripedshirt.com


On the 14th day of Striped Christmas…

14 Dec

….my true love gave to me, a gaggle of Moms and Kiddos, all in their cool striped Ts!

Still time to get stripedshirts to the ones you love this Christmas. We will package up pretty and send to whoever you like, saving you many steps. 10 color combinations and 12 sizes for babies, kids, women to show their colors in a fun, fashionable way! www.stripedshirt.com

On the 13th Day of Christmas…

13 Dec

…..my true love gave to me, lucky 13 red and white striped T’s!

Our best seller, red and white is perfect for Christmas, but also Valentine’s Day, 4th of July, and even if you want to be Waldo for Halloween! Not to mention Indiana, Stanford, Oklahoma, Alabama, Wisconsin, Miami of Ohio, Nebraska, Reds and Cardinals fans, among others! It and 9 other color combos are available in 12 sizes, baby, kid, women. Order now, still plenty of time to get your fav folks into stripes this year! www.stripedshirt.com

On the 12th Day of Christmas…

12 Dec

…..my true love gave to me: Taco Shack Bowl fans in their striped Ts!

Whether you are West Side (Anderson) or East Side (McCallum) or anywhere at all, we have your stripes! Get the women and kids (and babies) in your life in stripes this year!! www.stripedshirt.com lets you show your colors and support a team, a school, a cause, a holiday in a super cute way!

On the 11th day of Striped Christmas…

11 Dec

…..my true love gave to me, 11 RG3 and Baylor supporting green and white striped Ts!

In honor of a great Heisman win last night be a great student athelete, Robert Griffin III, stripedshirt today picks green and white! GO RG3 and Baylor Bears, Texas is proud of you! And yes, Bears fans, we can get you and yours into green and white www.stripedshirt.com Ts! And 9 other color combos, for babies, kids and women. Order yours now!

On the 10th day of Christmas….

10 Dec

….my true love gave to me, 10 fabulous Miami of Ohio alums in striped T’s.

What a great way to bring a group together, for a family portrait, to keep track of your kids at Disney – or your friends in Savannah on a girls weekend! Give Stripes for Christmas this year, 10 colors available now, 4 more on their way. From baby to kid to women sizes. www.stripedshirt.com

On the 9th day of Christmas….

9 Dec

…..My true love gave to me, Longhorn ladies in burnt orange striped T’s!

Put the Longhorns in your life in stripes this holiday! Or pretty much any Texas school fan – A&M, Tech, Houston, SMU – and TCU is in production now. www.stripedshirt.com has 10 color combos now, including red and green for Christmas. 12 sizes from baby to kid to women. Get yours now!

On the 8th day of Christmas….

8 Dec

….my true love gave to me, all kids from the Four Families in their striped Ts!

Looking for a clever gift? Have an Ohio State, UT, Boston College, FSU, ASU, Minnesota, Red Sox, Rangers, Patriots, Kansas, Gonzaga, A&M, UMass, Harvard, Penn State, Yankees, UConn, Celtics, Baylor, Jets, Dartmouth, Spurs, Raiders, White Sox, Alabama, Arkansas, Nebraska, Wisconsin, Reds, Cardinals – you get the idea – fan in your life? Get em in stripes! www.stripedshirt.com, 10 color combos, 12 sizes, baby, kids and women. Buy now!

On the 7th day of Striped Christmas…..

7 Dec

….my true love gave to me, 7 4th of July Patriots in striped Ts!

Whether 4th of July, any other holiday, any team, school, cause, organization – stripedshirt lets you show your spirit in a fun, fashionable way! 10 color combos avail now from baby size 6 mo to kids to women XS to XL. Great, creative gift idea! Order up now, www.stripedshirt.com!

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