ROCK! First custom fabric swatches done! Photos look good

22 Sep

Got my first fabric swatches from the factory, and I’m sooo excited. Looking good! Next, they do actual samples and send em and I approve, or modify, and then full production happens. 13 sizes, from baby 3 mo to women XL. We are finally moving!!! With any luck, first 4 color combos avail by 12/1, just in time for bowl games and NCAA basket ball. Fingers crossed.

What the @$#P)(*$% Does ShirtShorts Mean?

20 Sep

Some peeps are asking, so here tis. After 18 years of PR agency life, and juggling it and mommyhood the past nearly 6, I knew in starting my own biz I wanted to call it Too Short Industries. As in Life Is. And I Am. NOT homage to the washed up rapper. And my midlife crisis business was always to be, from way back 12 years ago. When thinking about a blog name ShirtShorts made perfect sense. A combination of both businesses, and, generally, Short blurbs about Shirts. Voila! And don’t worry, making fun of it, or critiquing won’t deter me. Remember, my self-bestowed title is Chief Shortie.

Taking this moment to bask in the glory

18 Sep

All 3 of my teams are undefeated. Yes, I realize we are really only onto game 3 for most tomorrow, but I will take UT, OSU and Boston College all at 2-0! And perhaps I should be thanking the longgggg process that is to make a Tshirt. If I had dark orange and white, maroon and gold AND red and gray striped Ts right now, how on earth would I decide which to wear when on Saturdays? OH, the (happy) trouble I’ll have come next year!

Do Tech Nerds Have Fav Colors, and What are They?

14 Sep

So, here I am, the retired PR girl, the mom, the Tshirt maker, and I’m still at DEMO, the big tech conference I’ve attended for more than 15 years and that I adore. Can’t quite fully “retire,” not quite dead yet. SO, as I’m here in my own natural environment, of tech nerds, in Carrie Bradshaw fashion, I wonder: “do tech nerds have favorite colors, and what are they?” If I let my tech friends show their true colors, what would they be? Black and white ala programming screens of O’s and 1′s? Green as in the dreaded green screen? Blues as in blue sky dreamers building multiple companies? Tech friends – what colors would you want to show? I’ll make a stripedshirt just for you!

Ready for some football! Let the NFL games begin

10 Sep

Just remember, next year at this time, you’d be sporting a black and gold Tshirt for your Saints, or a purple and gold for the Vikings. NOLA lovas must be “color conflicted” tonight – purple and gold means LSU.

Redsox nation waiting on Spring Training 2011. :(

8 Sep

Well fellow sox fans, seems last night was the final sign that we are likely to have no post season. Good news – won’t be missing not yet having a snazzy red and blue striped Tshirt! Even tho those same colors apply to several other MLB teams too – Indians, Braves, Phillies, even Cubbies. OH, AND Patriots (and Giants – boooo). I promise, by the day pitchers and catchers report to Spring Training 2011, there will be a cute red and blue striped T for the ladies – and kids – of Red Sox Nation! (and NO navy and white for awhile, if I can help it, tho those colors together are sooo cute in a T. Dam* Yankees)

Dressy stripes? And hold onto that pent up frustration, my sports fan GIRLFRIENDS

7 Sep

Well, week one of college football is behind us. For those girlz irritated they had to pull out their man-sized jersey, boy cut crew neck with the Steve Jobs-esque mock turtle neck or their slutsville Alyssa Milano sports wear, HOLD onto the frustration, pent up that rage! Stripedshirts will be here soon!!! Color matching for the first 4 happening at the textile mill right now.

Separately, thx to my new, cool friend Elizabeth, and her awesome Frost Yourself blog, I got a nice mention! THX ES, glad to know you!


4 Sep

OH, if only I had a “toasted” orange and white T today for UT’s season opener! Or a “red” and gray for Ohio State. Maroon and Gold for when my beloved Eagles kill Notre Dame Oct 2. Red and white. Maroon and white. Red and black. Orange and royal. Black and gold. You get the idea. Thanks to the realities of clothing production and offshore sourcing, stripedshirts arent available in time for teh beginning of NCAA football. But they’ll be coming soon! And next season, all the ladies and kiddos in the world can be stylishly supporting their teams and showing their colors every Saturday! Can’t wait!!!

Warning – Idiot Learning WordPress

3 Sep

This is harder than it should be! But I’ve managed to add some stuff, and not kill this dead. I think.

Midlife crisis takes a T-shirt turn

1 Sep

So, 4 months ago today, was my last day at Porter Novelli, ending a nearly 14 year run there, nearly 10 with the Austin office. Loved (nearly) every minute of it. So what prompted the big change, the new path, taking on a new chapter? Stripedshirt! Something brewing in my mind for 12+ years, back to days in Boston, and “casual Fridays” featuring a variety of my own stripedshirts, even a shot named as such at our favorite Charley’s on Newbury. The idea: stylish, subtle, spirited fan-wear for women, kids and babies. Truly, literally really “show” your true colors, in cute 2 color combination horizontal striped Tshirts. The past 4 mo’s, working hard to get stripedshirt going. With any luck, the first 4 color combinations will be available before Thanksgiving! Keep watching, and hopefully my ShirtShorts will be interesting. This was my first blog post ever. Please be kind!

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