College Football Week 7, amazing line ups

12 Oct

I wish wish wish I was talking about a great battle raging between FSU and Boston College.  But I fear BC is about to move to 1-5 with a lone win against poor Maine.  Instead, let’s talk about these awesome games!  Almost too many good ones to list!  Here are the highlights.  I’m so excited for some great football!

And, in honor of the maroon and gold match up (FSU and BC), this week’s photo is the gorgeous Cathy from Poor Little It Girl.  HOW freaking cute is that stripedshirt styling?   FSU or Boston College ready, Poor Little It Girl

Week 7 Highlight Games:

Alabama – Missouri

South Carolina – LSU

West Virginia – Texas Tech

Kansas State – Iowa State

Stanford – Notre Dame (PLEASE, Cardinal, bring these Irish down (says the BC Eagle))

Undefeated Ohio State – Indiana

And the always exciting Texas – OU Red River Rivalry in Dallas!

Remember, stripedshirt can make sure you are showing your colors and cheering on your favorite team.  While the weather grows colder, don’t forget how cute stripedshirts look layered over long sleeve Tshirts.

And here’s the Top 25 Striped Poll as of this week.  24 of the top 25 stripes covered – colored! Go to now to show your colors for your favorite team!

1. Alabama – red and white

2. Oregon - green and white (I know, supposed to be yellow)

3. S. Carolina – red and black

4. Florida – blue and orange

5. W. Virginia – blue and gold

6. Kansas State – purple and white

7. Notre Dame – blue and yellow

8. Ohio State – red and gray

9. LSU – purple and white (I know, supposed to be yellow)

10. Oregon State – orange and black, don’t have

11. USC – cardinal and gold

12. Florida State – garnet and gold

13. Oklahoma – red and white

14. Georgia – red and black

15. Texas – dark orange and white

16. Clemson – orange and white (but it is dark orange, and not purple)

17. Stanford – cardinal and white

18. Louisville – red and black

19. Mississippi State - maroon and gray

20. Rutgers -  red and white

21. Cincinnati - red and black

22. Texas A&M - maroon and gray

23. Louisiana Tech – red and blue

24. Boise State - blue and orange

25. Michigan - blue and gold

Road to the World Series – Baseball Stripes!

10 Oct

Well, the Red Sox finally finished what was a Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad season.  Bobby is gone, but sadly, so it Tito, to the Indians. :(

With all that Debbie Downer news, we still have great baseball happening with fantastic match ups between these remaining 8 teams.  And guess what?  stripedshirt has shirts for all!  So get your stripedshirt now to show your colors for your favorite team as they battle to the World Series!

Orioles (dark orange & white) – Yankees (navy & white)

Cardinals (red & white) –  Nationals (red & blue)

Tigers (blue & orange) – As (green & white)

Giants (dark orange & white) – Reds (red & white)



Scary Stripes! 30 days til Halloween

1 Oct

Halloween orange shirtWith Halloween just 30 days away, stripedshirt  is thinking about just how many costumes include stripes. Pirates and Sailors and French folks with berets, OH MY. But also Where’s Waldo, Olivia the Pig, Doc McStuffins (a new favorite of my 4 year old), Harry Potter, and don’t forget Freddy Kreuger.  Or if you are dressing this year like Louis Tomlinson and channeling your best One Direction, going hipster with our stripes and some skinny jeans or red pants and your Toms.  If you haven’t thought of your costume yet, or you are scrambling for what your kid will wear, look no farther than We can set you up!


Oh and don’t forget, our dark orange and white looks great all October long!  Here’s to a very Scary Striped Halloween!

Here we go Week Five! YEAH!

27 Sep

Woman in red and blue stripes, courtesy ModernEve blogStanford is looking good but its a tight game against Washington right now. And this weekend brings us Tennessee Georgia, Baylor West Virginia, Texas Oklahoma State, OSU Michigan State and battle of the reds Wisconsin Nebraska.  While BC will no doubt be destroyed by a very tough Clemson, so far so good for my other 2 teams – Texas and Ohio State, both still undefeated.  Oh, and the regular refs are even back in the NFL, to stop giving “stripes” such a bad name!   YEAH football!

Here’s the Top 25 Striped Poll as of this week.  24 of the top 25 stripes covered – colored! Go to now to show your colors for your favorite team!

1. Alabama – red and white

2. Oregon - green and white (I know, supposed to be yellow)

3. LSU – purple and white (I know, supposed to be yellow)

4. Florida State – garnet and gold

5. Georgia – red and black
6. S. Carolina – red and black

7. Kansas State – purple and white

8. Stanford – cardinal and white

9. W. Virginia – blue and gold

10. Notre Dame – blue and yellow

11. Florida – blue and orange

12. Texas – dark orange and white

13. USC – cardinal and gold

14. Ohio State – red and gray

15. TCU – purple and white

16. Oklahoma – red and white

17. Clemson – orange and white (but it is dark orange, and not purple)

18. Oregon State – orange and black, don’t have

19. Louisville – red and black

20. Michigan State – green and white

21. Mississippi State – maroon and gray

22. Nebraska - red and white

23. Rutgers -  red and white

24. Boise State - blue and orange

25. Baylor - green and white


Ready for Week 3? Great Games! GO Michigan State!

14 Sep

Ready for Week 3? GO Michigan State, Go Tennesee! (and Boston College, Ohio State and Texas, of course)

Week 3 begins tonight with Washington State at UNLV (sorry Rutgers, I know you played last night, and congrats on a W).

But the real excitement for stripedshirt are 2 BIG match ups. As a Boston College alum, I’d love to see Michigan State tear apart Notre Dame. And as a Texan (even as a UT fan) it was fun to watch A&M tire out Florida last week. Even though they won in the end, the Gators had to fight hard, and Tennessee is out for blood, or at least not to make it 8 losses in a row to Florida. There’s also Alabama Arkansas, and I’d love to see Ohio State look a little more confident – or comfortable- beating Cal tomorrow!

Who else to watch? Well out west, all talk is usually on USC, but they have a big fight against Stanford and UCLA looked pretty awesome beating Nebraska last week. In the Big 12, the Longhorns go to Ole Miss in what will be a PRETTY game (watch the ladies in the stands, Sourthern Belle football at its best). And holy Kansas State – they scored 103 points in their first 2 games, keep watching them (even with a relatively easy game this week against N.Texas. Their real proving point is next week v. Oklahoma)

For Big 10, I think Michigan will finally get some redemption after Alabama took it to em and they barely beat Air Force. The BRIGHT YELLOW (gross) Wolverines play UMass this week. The Minutemen want to prove they are ready for Big Time College Football, and Victor Cruz as an alumni aside, I don’t think they are. Can’t be too tough on UMass tho, my own BC, 1 win against Maine, so we’ll see what happens when they meet up with Northwestern tomorrow – very nervous Eagle here!

We are READY FOR SOME FOOTBALL, bring it on week 3!

Oh, and, here’s the latest look at the stripedshirt poll – the 23 of 25 colors we have for week 3’s AP top 25 (so nice to see UT and OSU back in the list!):
1. Alabama – red and white
2. USC – cardinal and gold
3. LSU – purple and white (I know, supposed to be yellow)
4. Oregon – green and white (I know, supposed to be yellow)
5. Oklahoma – red and white
6. Florida State – garnet and gold
7. Georgia – red and black
8. S. Carolina – red and black
9. W. Virginia – blue and gold
10. Michigan State – green and white
11. Clemson – orange and white (but it is dark orange, and not purple)
12. Ohio State – red and gray
13. Virginia Tech – don’t have
14. Texas – dark orange and white
15. Kansas State – purple and white
16. TCU – purple and white
17. Michigan – maize and blue
18. Florida – blue and orange
19. Louisville – red and black
20. Notre Dame – blue and yellow
21. Stanford – cardinal and white
22. UCLA – don’t have
23. Tennessee – orange and white (but it is dark orange)
24. Arizona – red and blue
25. BYU – navy and white (I know, supposed to be tan)

Summer is Over, Stripes Never Are! FALL In Love With Stripes!

4 Sep

Credit to Sable & Sage blog

Orange and white stripes too, fall stripes for moms and kidsWell, today marks the official last day of summer. And while you can put away your whites, keep out your stripes! Stripes are great for any time of year, and stripedshirt Ts, in particular, look great this Fall.

Here are some ideas:
• Put our yellow and white under a cool Fall blazer, and/or with deep indigo pants
• Our black and gray looks fantastic with a cozy gray sweater or wrap, or a bold, popping red sweater
• The cranberry and gray is a big hit in the Fall, and looks fantastic with any jeans. Apparently, cranberry jewel tones are the hot color for Fall
• You can change up the summery, nautical navy and white by pairing it with great mustard yellow or paprika cords, a dark denim jean jacket on top
• The dark orange and white is pumpkin terrific for Halloween and Thanksgiving and I just wore it this weekend with a cute pair of navy shorts
• Add our purple and white to a dark denim skirt and Frye campus boots
• Wear our green and white with a pair of more faded indigo boyfriend jeans and converse or adidas sneaks is super casual cool
Red and white is timeless and season-less, looks great with jeans, but we even dress it up formal with cool black taffeta or tulip skirts, black tights and boots
• I’ve worn the stripes with a crisp long sleeve white collared shirt underneath and it looks awesome, very sharp and business professional with a little zing
• Any of our stripes look Fall Football perfect with a white or gray long sleeve T underneath, layer up for any game.

What’s your favorite way to FALL INTO STRIPES? Let us know, share a picture, we’d love to pass on the inspiration!

Let the GAMES BEGIN! Welcome back College Football.

30 Aug

kids fired up for football, in stripedshirtsI’m so excited this morning, NCAA football returns and I can’t wait (perhaps because the Red Sox have made Summer so tough sports-wise). Tonight, we kick off with some great games like South Carolina at Vanderbilt, UMass at UConn, UCLA at Rice, Washington State at BYU and A&M making its SEC debut at Louisiana Tech. And it rolls right through to Sat, when my 3 teams get things started: Boston College starting it off tough hosting Miami; Ohio State hosting Miami of OH; and UT hosting Wyoming.

You have a whole long season to support your favorite teams. Why not striped up this year? With 15 color combinations now, stripedshirt has the colors of over 50 top schools, examples below of with last year’s final top 25. Get a stripedshirt now for you or the ladies and kids in your life: Show Your Colors and support your favorite college football team all season long!

2011 Final Standings – 23 of 25 schools all Striped up!

1. Alabama – red and white
2. LSU – purple and white (I know, supposed to be yellow)
3. Oklahoma State – orange and white (but it is dark orange)
4. Oregon – green and white (I know, supposed to be yellow)
5. Arkansas – red and black
6. USC – cardinal and gold7. Stanford – cardinal and white
8. Boise State – blue and orange
9. S. Carolina – red and black
10. Wisconsin – red and white
11. Michigan State – green and white
12. Michigan – maize and blue
13. Baylor – green and white (I know, supposed to be yellow)
14. TCU – purple and white
15. Kansas State – purple and white
16. Oklahoma – red and white
17. W. Virginia – blue and gold
18. Houston – red and white
19. Georgia – red and black
20. Southern Miss – don’t have
21. Virginia Tech – don’t have
22. Clemson – orange and white (but it is dark orange, and not purple)
23. Florida State – garnet and gold
24. Nebraska – red and white
25. Cincinnati – red and black

Less Than 2 weeks Til College Colors Day! What Colors Will You Wear?

18 Aug

Red striped shirt for women, kids, babiesstripedshirt Ts to show your colors

Two weeks from yesterday, Friday, Aug 31, is National College Colors Day.

Just in time for back to school and the start of another great NCAA football season, make sure you are supporting your favorite team, showing your colors, Friday, Aug 31. And every day! stripedshirt can help! We have the colors of over 50 top colleges, from our 15 color combination shirts avail in sizes for woman (XS to XL), kids (2 years to 8 years) and babies (6 mo to 18 mo). Check out this blog post for more:

Now, the question just is, will we be wearing maroon and gold for Boston College? Dark orange and white for Texas? Or red and gray for Ohio State? What colors will you be wearing? Who’s your favorite college team?

Go to now, to buy some stripes to Show Your Colors for your favorite school!

Introducing stripedshirt 2.0! Stripe Up for Back to School!

1 Aug

New website for stripedshirt.comWell, in less than 2 years, I’ve had to completely redo my stripedshirt website. Ouch. A painful, long, expensive process where I’ve learned a lot.
• First, hire someone good, who really knows what they are doing and cares about you.
• Second, upgrade along the way and pay attention to the program you are using – Magento gave me fair warning!
• Third, always expect things to take more time and money than you first assumed.
• Finally, realize its never going to be perfect and celebrate improvements along the way!

And so, today, I introduce you to stripedshirt 2.0 – the new and improved website! It’s (hopefully), more polished, more professional, easier to navigate and quicker to shop and check out – performance improvement was the most key to this upgrade. I hope you like the new site, and welcome feedback, though asking you to be kind as just getting it to this was an enormous effort!

We also put out a press release today, on the new site, and its perfect timing, around Back to School, Fall and Football. Remember, stripedshirt lets you show your colors, for your school (whether college, high school, middle or elementary) and team in fun fashionable ways. With our 15 color combinations, we got you covered (colored!) for more than 50 top colleges, 20 NFL teams, and 26 of the 30 MLB teams! Stripe Up for Back to School now!

Striped Soccer Super Powers! GO GIRLZ

28 Jul

Red and white striped shirt for women, kids, babies, like Team USARed and white striped jerseys for Team USA

USA Ladies beat Colombia today and we are biased, of course, but we are sure its the cool new Team USA Soccer Red and White STRIPED jerseys that are doing it! The great win over Colombia today gives them a guarateed spot in the quarter finals. We love this team – Girl Power, Striped Power!

Now, there is some argument that the shirts look a little like Waldo. And what’s wrong with that, we ask!

And perhaps that the stripes are a bit too wide/thick. There, we agree. These ladies are tip top shape, our best athletes, this is what they do for a living. So they’d look great in paper bags. But for the normal girl, a horizontal stripe can only be pulled off well and right if the shirt is done well and right.

At stripedshirt, we worked hard to make our shirts – whether red and white, or any of our other 14 color combos – VERY flattering on all figures! The stripes are 1/2 inch thick on purpose. They don’t make you thick. But they aren’t too thin to give you blurry fuzzy vision. The sleeves and neckline were carefully designed to be flattering, accenting some of a girl’s best parts. And the cut is hour glass, but the fabric is nice and stretchy. Oh, and we have em long enough to cover up any and all muffin tops.

Give our stripedshirts a try and we think you’ll agree! You can root for TeamUSA Soccer, or any team, or just wear any color that floats your boat. And as for Hope, Abby, Carli, Megan and the rest of the USA Soccer Women – Keep Kicking! You inspire all us girlz!

7/31 update – YEAH! The women keep winning! 3 games, pool play undefeated, in their 7/31 win over North Korea, and now are first place in their group moving to a quarterfinal match on Fri, 8/3, against New Zealand! Go Girlz Go!

8/5 update – the US Women beat New Zealand 2-0 on Friday, and will take on our neighbors to the North, also red and white supporters, Canada, tomorrow, Monday, 8/6, at 3 pm eastern. Do you have YOUR red and white stripedshirt to support our Team USA Soccer Ladies?

8/7 update – WOW, what a win! And all of Fenway park cheered last night when it was shown on the Jumbotron. USA Women beating Canada 4-3 in an overtime thriller, with a little controversy mixed in. But our kickers continue on to the gold medal game, against Japan, who beat us in the 2011 World Cup finals. Can’t wait for Thursday’s game, Aug 9. Keep Kicking, Ladies!

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