Do Google & Facebook really produce the best PR peeps?

26 Jul

This week, Business Insider put out its Top 50 Communicators in Tech list:

Impressive and very proud to know a few of em. But kind of ridiculous and irritating that of 50, more than HALF are either at Google, Facebook or Yahoo or came from one of them (to land at hotties like Twitter, Pinterest, Klout, AirBnB, Square). Toss in a couple each from MS, Apple and LinkedIn, a few from VCs, and a small set of agency peeps and there’s your list.

Oh, and just over 10% of the 50 are from anywhere other than the SF/SV area. Seriously.

I’m not doubting these are awesome companies and SF does have a lot of tech marketing talent. I’m not arguing that these 50 are KILLER communicators. But there are good PR folks across the US, in lots of different companies and agencies.

Other PR friends, does this also ruffle your feathers a bit?

Six Striped Weeks of Summer Left!

23 Jul

red and white striped shirts for women, kids and babies

Labor day is 6 weeks from today, summer is going fast, but still lots of time for this Summer Of Stripes!

Nothing says Summer more than bright-preppy, crisp-nautical, timeless-country club, flag-waving, beach-going, picnic-eating, baseball-loving STRIPES! And at we have 15 great color combinations available now for women, kids and babies to stripe up for summer. Think:

Our navy and white stripes with faded red canvas pants
Our royal and white stripes with a hot pink skort
Our yellow and white stripes with dark indigo bermudas
Our red and white stripes with a white eyelet skirt
Our dark orange and white stripes with rolled up jeans
Our black and gray stripes with a black mini skirt
Our red and blue stripes with khaki shorts, rooting on the Red Sox!

And don’t forget the Olympics, coming up fast (opening ceremonies this Fri, the 27th), you can choose that same red and blue, or our royal and white, or the classic red and white stripe that will also suit you well for Christmas, Valentine’s Day, and perhaps Halloween (if you want to be Waldo, Olivia the Pig, a pirate or French sailor).

Stripedshirt Ts are also great when you have that family reunion, family photo, family vacation, day at Disney, an amusement park, a fair or festival, outfitting all the women, kids and babies in the same stripes is a sure-fire way to stick together and look a-freaking-dorable at the same time.

Oh, and Stripes aren’t just for Summer! With college football starting in less than 6 weeks, here’s a reminder that stripedshirt has the colors of over 50 top teams, and 23 of the top 25 as of end of last season.

Striped up your Summer – and Fall – NOW!

Scarlet and Gray Stripes for Ohio State!

19 Jul

Scarlet and Gray striped shirt for women, kid and babies

Ohio State starts its season 6 weeks from today and it’s a whole new ball game! While we’ll miss the sweater vests, we are hoping all lady, kid and baby Buckeyes will sport our cutie red and gray Ts to cheer on OSU. What an amazing season ahead – below. Get your stripedshirt now to show your colors – always scarlet and gray - all season long!

Ohio State 2012 Schedule
9/1, versus Miami (noon ET)
9/8, versus Central Florida (noon ET)
9/15, versus Cal (noon ET)
9/22, versus UAB
9/29, at Michigan State
10/6, versus Nebraska (8 pm ET)
10/13, at Indiana (8 pm ET)
10/20, versus Purdue
10/27, at Penn State (6 pm ET)
11/3, versus Illinois
11/17, at Wisconsin
11/24, versus Michigan (noon ET)

HOOK EM (Striped) HORNS!

19 Jul

dark orange and white striped shirt for women, kids and babies

In 6 weeks, the Longhorns are back, and football in Texas begins again! YEAH! The 2012 schedule is here below. A fun and fashionable way for women, kid and baby Horns fans to show their colors and cheer on UT is our dark orange and white T. SO HORNS (and stripes!) UP! Go Texas!

UT 2012 Schedule:
Sat, Sept 1, versus Wyoming
Sat, Sept 8, versus New Mexico
Sat, Sept 15, at Ole Miss
Sat, Sept 29, at OK State
Sat, Oct 6, versus West Virginia
Sat, Oct 13,versus Oklahoma
Sat, Oct 20, versus Baylor
Sat, Oct 27, at Kansas
Sat, Nov 3, at Texas Tech
Sat, Nov 10, versus Iowa State
Sat, Nov 24, versus TCU
Sat, Dec 1, at Kansas State

We Are (Striped) BC

19 Jul

Boston College striped shirt for women, kids and babies

Just 6 weeks from today, Boston College starts its football season, and its gotta be better than last year, right? Right! The schedule is here below. To cheer on the Eagles right, you could wear an Electric Yellow Supah Fan shirt, or you, and all the other lady, kid and baby Eagles, could sport this super cute maroon and gold stripedshirt, from a company started by a BC 93 alum. Whatever you wear, cheer it loud and proud: WE ARE BC!

BC 2012 schedule:
9/1, versus Miami (3:30 pm ET)
9/8, versus Maine (1 pm ET)
9/15, AT Northwestern (3:30 pm ET)
9/29, versus Clemson
10/6, AT Army (noon ET)
10/13, AT Florida State
10/20, AT Georgia Tech
10/27, versus Maryland
11/3, AT Wake Forest
11/10, versus Notre Dame
11/17, versus Virginia Tech
11/24, AT NC State

Six Weeks Til COLLEGE FOOTBALL! Stripe up to Support your team this Season!

19 Jul

Striped kids cheering on their favorite football teamNCAA football starts 6 weeks from tonight, Thurs, Aug 30, with teams like South Carolina, A&M and BYU playing that very first night. Chick Fil A has turned its Kickoff Classic into a whole weekend with Fri night’s Aug 31 Tennessee, NC State game, and Sat, Sept 1’s, Auburn v. Clemson. And there are dozens of other great games that first weekend including our favs: Boston College starting it off tough hosting Miami; Ohio State hosting Miami of OH; and UT hosting Wyoming.

We at stripedshirt can’t wait for the return of College Football. And with 15 color combinations now, we have the colors of over 50 top schools. As examples, of last year’s top 25, we have the below schools covered (colored!!). So order your stripedshirt now, for you or the other ladies, kids and babies in your life, to Show Your Colors and support your favorite college football team all season long!

2011 Final Standings – 23 of 25 schools all Striped up!

1. Alabama – red and white
2. LSU – purple and white (I know, supposed to be yellow)
3. Oklahoma State – orange and white (but it is dark orange)
4. Oregon – green and white (I know, supposed to be yellow)
5. Arkansas – red and black
6. USC – cardinal and gold
7. Stanford – cardinal and white
8. Boise State – blue and orange
9. S. Carolina – red and black
10. Wisconsin – red and white
11. Michigan State – green and white
12. Michigan – maize and blue
13. Baylor – green and white (I know, supposed to be yellow)
14. TCU – purple and white
15. Kansas State – purple and white
16. Oklahoma – red and white
17. W. Virginia – blue and gold
18. Houston – red and white
19. Georgia – red and black
20. Southern Miss – don’t have
21. Virginia Tech – don’t have
22. Clemson – orange and white (but it is dark orange, and not purple)
23. Florida State – garnet and gold
24. Nebraska – red and white
25. Cincinnati – red and black

STRIPE up for the Cure!

18 Jul

stripedshirts thoughts on pink Komen's official pinkWe are putting an order in for pink and white stripedshirts to arrive in early September, ahead of October and breast cancer awareness month. So this year, when you think Race for the Cure, or Komen, or anything pink, consider stripedshirt. For every shirt sold, regardless of price, we’ll give $3 to Komen. Here’s a way to have your Komen team look super striped and cute, versus those oversized, scratchy, terrible neck, Hanes Beefy T “Run for Jane’s Ta-Ta’s” shirts you’ll never wear again. AND have money go to a good cause. And we’ll have pink and white stripes for little ones too! So stay tuned and be ready to STRIPE up for the Cure! But first, need some color advice. Komen’s official pinks are pretty dark, IMHO. The lighter of the two, even, Pantone 232, seen here, seems too dark for me. I’m more inclined to a cotton candy pink, like Pantone 211, also here. I need some advice from the stripedshirt community – Which Pink Do You Think….Best? Thoughts? THX!

Happy Bastille Day! Today everyone can be a little French, just STRIPE up!

14 Jul

Girls in red and blue and navy and white stripedshirtsToday, July 14, is Bastille Day, the name we English speaking countries give to French National Day, their Independence Day, 10 days after ours on 4th of July. In France, this day is called: La Fête Nationale (The National Celebration). It commemorates the 1789 storming of the Bastille by revolutionaries to get the gunpowder they needed to overthrow King Louis XVI. This day became the symbol of the French Revolution, the fall of the absolute monarchy.

We at stripedshirt celebrate Bastille day as the 2nd most important striped day in history.

The first being March 27, the “birth” of the Breton stripe, the iconic navy and white striped knit shirt which became the official uniform for the French navy on this date in 1858.

Today, Bastille Day, celebrating all things French, also, of course, celebrates Stripes – navy and white or otherwise. And so, Joyeux Quatorze Juillet to you all!

TWO WEEKS TIL TEAM USA! This year, make it a Striped Summer Olympics

13 Jul

Kid in a red and blue striped shirt, Go Team USA!Red and white striped shirt for women, kids, babiesToday marks 2 weeks til opening ceremonies of the Summer Olympics in London. Things kick off Fri, July 27 and run through August 12.

Maybe it’s just me and this stripedshirt business, but this summer has seemed more American than others, more reasons, opportunities, and WANTS, to wear my red and white, red and blue or royal and white stripedshirts. I feel more Patriotic this year.

Maybe I’m especially sentimental about the Summer Olympics because at the last one, I was in the hospital having our 2nd daughter. Michael Phelps and his swimming helped get me through a good amount of time waiting for Amelia.

Is it just me, or are you feeling extra Patriotic or Sentimental or American this summer too? If so, a great way to show your USA spirit is with a stripedshirt! And to make them even more affordable, from now through the start of the Olympics, July 13 through July 27, with the code “Olympics” you will get 25% off everything at stripedshirt, whether USA colors or not.

Striped Perfection!

5 Jul

Stripedshirt Ts, red and white, navy and white, in Maine

I always love seeing all the pictures of “stripes in real life” and people out there sporting stripedshirts. It makes my heart sing, and I’m serious. I’m working so hard to get this business going, and get people loving stripedshirts and wearing them, and it could not, would not, happen without so many friends supporting me and striping up themselves and their families. Yesterday, I got a photo from my dear friend Kate of her family, all striped up for the 4th of July and it is just plain gorgeous. Perfect. Beautiful. It says family and friends, spirit and holidays, preppy and classic, SUMMER and AMERICA! The only thing missing is Fenway Park (or another sporting event venue). Thanks Kate for sharing the beautiful photo, but also for getting so many of your family and friends all striped up. I appreciate your – and everyone’s! – amazing striped support as I trudge along with this little business.

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